Music Production/Arranging/Tracking:

Do you need a professionally-recorded keyboard instrumental recording of a particular song for a church event or production?  I can help.  I believe the key to producing music is bringing out the artist and their message.   I love working with artists to craft performances and recordings and I care about their vision.  Maybe you just can’t seem to find the song you want in your key, or maybe you just can’t find the arrangement that works for you.  As a singer, this can be frustrating.  I can create custom performance tracks in your key, your tempo, your style.  I work with artists at every stage of their career.  If you are interested in having your song produced, arranged and in your key, please contact me.



I am also happy to edit/mix individual projects or projects from other studios.  I mix directly in ProTools which has the advantage of instant total mix recall.  This allows clients to make changes or updates in mixes at any time—there is no time-consuming analog recall necessary.  Mixes can be reviewed at your home and quickly and efficiently updated as many times as necessary before they are finalized.



Never before have artists in the music world had so much opportunity.  The availability of inexpensive technology along with opportunities on the internet has permitted artists to market at qualities never before seen outside of the studio.  The internet has allowed the exchange of communication with other musicians that share our interests.  Technology is challenging old business models.  To get an idea of the variety of music I compose, please listen to the musical examples on the Krystaria and Enigma Hall albums.


Session Keyboards:

I provide piano and keyboard sessions at scalable rates.  These sessions can be live sessions or can be transferred over the internet.  Please contact me if you are interested.


Live Keyboard Music:

My keyboard rig has the ability to replicate the rich full sounds of a grand piano, cathedral pipe organ, harp, celestial bells or full orchestra for your ceremony or event.  I support events from weddings to corporate parties, anniversaries and birthday parties, to a cocktail hour, theatre performances, or musicals.

My rates are scalable and AFFORDABLE.  I can work within YOUR budget.  My goal is to have my time paid for so that I can make the time available for your creative project.  If a recording is produced, I ask for producer’s credit for my work.  Rates can be discussed.  These future sales support my creative work and allows for an artist to have a low cost investment to get his/her work to market.    To contact me just complete the form below. 


Please complete the Contact Form on the contacts page if you have any questions or would like to reach Aaron.




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