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1 15 Years performance experience.
Aaron has extensive solo performance experience and has performed with numerous bands internationally.
2 Music genres.
Aaron performs a diverse collection of music ranging from rock, heavy metal, classical, jazz, blues, alternative, and on-stage performances.
3 Music Composition and Arrangements.
In addition to performing, Aaron composes his own music arrangements and has arranged music for other bands and vocalists.


Aaron Minich – Biography

Aaron Minich is a diverse keyboardist and musician.  His 13 years of experience includes back-up and solo performances, composition, custom music arrangements, as well as being the keyboardist for several bands.  Currently, he is the keyboardist for Nekrogoblikon–voted top 10 metal band in Los Angeles in 2015.  Nekrogoblikon is recognized for introducing a new genre of music – goblin metal.   Much to the excitement of their growing fan base, the band just released their fourth album.  Nekrogoblikon is promoting their album on a 65 city North American tour and a third tour across Europe in February 2016.

It was clear that Aaron was destined for music when, at the age of three, he picked out the theme to Phantom of the Opera.   He began formal training at age 8, achieving in one year, what it takes others four years.  By age 13, under the coaching of Len Rhodes, he began composing.  Aaron’s formative years include classical training in music theory principles, composition, performance, recording, and mixing.  Aaron started his first band, Winged Deception, during high school.  The band had 13 original works which they played at gigs in his hometown, Colorado Springs, Colorado.  To expand his style and performance experience, Aaron attended and performed in summer music festivals in Breckenridge, Snow Mass, Interlochen, and Power Chord Academy, amongst others.  Recognizing that music was his passion, Aaron left the traditional college education path and headed to Los Angeles to immerse himself in the music industry.

Aaron’s free-spirited, unique style results in original works that incorporate influences from rock, metal, and new wave music with rapid phrasing, complex harmonies, and offbeat rhythms with unforgettable underlying melodies.  While he enjoys metal, his original compositions demonstrate a mellower, orchestral, soundtrack undercurrent that bears testament to his diversity.  “I always knew my life would be centered around music; I never really considered any other lifestyle,” reflects Aaron.

As Aaron’s musical ambitions continue to grow, he is keen to point out that everything he listens to impacts his music.  He supports the arrangement and composition of music for several bands of differing styles.  Additionally, he performs independently, accompanies vocalists, has been a guest artist, and performs music for live plays.  He seeks to contribute original ideas and adapt compositions.  Aaron states, “I never approach a new piece of music the same way.   I have a very vivid image in my head when I write, which I try to convey musically.  It is my desire to collaborate and write music that people enjoy.  Music is what I know, it’s what I want my life to be about.”


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About Aaron Minich – keyboardist, musician, pianist, personal compositions and arrangements, custom music arrangements, band, solo artist.